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Record pre-orders for iPhone 4S – so were we a bit too harsh?

I read on The Telegraph earlier today Apple has received record pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S, with over 1 million preorders already logged.

Given the pretty lukewarm reception at the launch this is pretty surprising… no?  I think there are a few factors to consider here:

– Despite all the apple haters, the brand is still THE must-have accessory.  People are quite literally obsessed with everything they do – iDownload blog had a funny infographic last week that allows you to test just how much of an Apple fanboy/girl you are. This level of obsession always reminds me of my best friend Amy and her obsession with Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics, “he could burp ba-ba black sheep and I’d still think it was amazing”

– iPhone 4S is just the right amount of iPhone we need right now.  As ElectricPig’s James Holland wrote late post-Apple launch:

“Sometimes change for the sake of it is a bad thing. I can’t help but notice the iPod nano and iPod touch are similarly static in the design stakes, and while some will decry Apple’s lack of ‘innovation’ in the area, perhaps the old adage rings true: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ”

I completely agree with him here.  So give Apple a break guys.  Why re-invent the wheel?


A humble apology to Tim Cook

I’ve noticed a number of articles over the weekend, rescinding initial criticism of new Apple CEO Tim Cook.  Many journalists were critical of Cook’s debut, including the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones who was particularly harsh in his assessment of Apple’s press conference on Tuesday.

So it’s humbling to see people like Rory taking stock and reviewing the comments, given the sad events that followed in the next few days.  It’s quite clear now that Cook and his colleagues were under a dark cloud, knowing that the company’s founder and industry visionary would unfortunately not live to see the success of his latest products.

Well done Rory, I have a great deal of respect for you because of this.