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Timeline… sound familiar?

While I already have the new Facebook timeline profile thanks to the nifty developer hack (thanks Mashable) I have been wondering when the rest of the Facebook world were going to get on board so that we can see the full effect of the changes.

I had my question answered when I read yesterday on Paid Content that due to an impending court case from the digital scrapbook site the launch had been put back from its original date of 30th September.

Just a quick thought Mr Zuckerberg, typing your potential product name into Google will give you a pretty good idea of whether anyone else already has it…


A humble apology to Tim Cook

I’ve noticed a number of articles over the weekend, rescinding initial criticism of new Apple CEO Tim Cook.  Many journalists were critical of Cook’s debut, including the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones who was particularly harsh in his assessment of Apple’s press conference on Tuesday.

So it’s humbling to see people like Rory taking stock and reviewing the comments, given the sad events that followed in the next few days.  It’s quite clear now that Cook and his colleagues were under a dark cloud, knowing that the company’s founder and industry visionary would unfortunately not live to see the success of his latest products.

Well done Rory, I have a great deal of respect for you because of this.

So, I gots me a blog…

What’s the first rule about blog club?  Don’t talk about blog club…

Actually it’s not, I don’t know what the hell it is.  I’m committing cardinal blog sin #1 and creating a blog without meaning or purpose.  It could go horribly wrong, or it could be alright.

Bear with me while I find out which outcome prevails…